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Welcome aboard one of the greatest mahogany yachts ever built.

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S/Y Prompt

A 45 foot ketch completed in 1993, Prompt is one of the largest mahogany cruisers ever built in the Nordic countries since WWII. The boat was designed by the legendary Peter Norlin, and built in Porvoo, Finland.

This 16 tonne ocean-going yacht has an overall sail area of 321 sq m. The deck layout and interiors are designed for the most comfortable sailing experience in all weather conditions. Prompt is registered for 12 people with a spacious mahogany cabin for dining and recreation.

”My grandfather, Captain Olavi Laine (1904–1984) sailed the blue seas around the world in the 1920s with one of the last windjammers. She was registered in the Åland Islands and her name was Prompt. S/Y Prompt honours my grandfather’s memory, his proud sailing history and his inspiration to sail the seas.”

Ossi Paija
S/Y Prompt

A grand sailing experience

Enjoy this sleek mahogany yacht together with your friends, colleagues or customers. Here are a few of our cruise options. Talk with the captain if you have any special requests for cruises.


Four hours of active sailing with Prompt’s experienced crew. We sail by the Presidential Palace, Suomenlinna and the Harmaja light house. The lunch menu includes Prompt potato salad, a cheeseboard, prosciutto, bresaola, tomato, capers, fresh bread, and more (€39.00 per person). For a party of 10 or fewer.


+ catering (VAT 0%)

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The Night Watch

After sundown in the Baltic Sea. Enjoy the evening skyline of Helsinki and get some tips on how to navigate in the dark. The Night Watch begins at 1800 and continues until midnight. A light dinner is served during the sail (€39.00 per person). For a party of 6 or fewer.


+ catering (VAT 0%)

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Crayfish Party Cruise

Prompt's Crayfish party continues until the end of September. We start on the afternoon with active sailing on the route of your choice. The nordic style Crayfish serving starts at 18:00 followed by main course. For a group of 6 or fewer.


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The Prompt Lobster Cruise

The Prompt Lobster cruise caters to those who appreciate high quality experiences in both sailing and dining.

The Lobster cruise launches in the afternoon and offers active sailing on the route of your choice. The Lobster dinner, prepared in Mediterranean, English Channel, Californian or Ceylonese style is served at 18:00. For a party of 6 or fewer.


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